IMUA Junior Girls Club Fees

Team IMUA 2017-18 Club fees are the following:

Your IMUA Volleyball Club Tuition are determined from a combination of the following set expenses:

Northern California Volleyball Association player registration and insurance, coaching and administrative salaries, equipment replacement costs, tournament registration fees, holiday Christmas event, end of the year celebration event, graphic designer fees, gym and facility rentals, maintaining website and hosting costs and uniform package.

Athlete’s travel and lodging for out of area tournaments are not included in the fees (dues).  We will set a schedule to optimize playing opportunities and challenge level in an attempt to have each team peak, hopefully qualifying for a national bid for the junior national championships.  Individual teams are responsible for their own travel & hotel expenses, and if they qualify for nationals, there are added expenses.

Your first commitment payment is due on Monday, November 13, 2017 at our Mandatory Parent and IMUA Athlete signing meeting.  Meeting will be held in the multi-purpose room at Boronda Meadows Elementary School.  Address is  915 Larkin Street in Salinas.  Your remaining club fees will be divided in 3-5 monthly payments and DUE on (December, January, and February ) and DUE on the the 1st of each month.