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Partnering junior beach volleyball tournament [Monterey Beach Open]

Team IMUA has become one of the top beach junior girl's club in all Central and Northern California.  We are the first and only sand volleyball club in all of the Salinas Valley and Monterey Peninsula.  Now with the expansion of the NCAA Women's Beach Volleyball the growth of junior volleyball is on an uprise!  Be a part of our IMUA ohana and summer beach volleyball program.

We have two summer beach programs to select from:

1) IMUA Beach Camp will consist of a month long beach training end of the season competition and the prestigious Monterey Beach Open on July 28 or 29, 2018.  (

2)  Our IMUA Beach Elite Club will showcase the best of the best sand athletes to represent Team IMUA in all of the top junior beach tournaments in Northern and/or Southern California.  This program is not for your average sand athlete, it is designed specifically for experienced sand athletes that are committed, motivated, and desires to pursue a collegiate sand career.   Our IMUA Beach Elite teams are going to be our primary focus at every competition and will have a coach at every competition.  

In order to be considered for the Elite team, it is recommended, but not mandatory that the athlete has won a respected junior beach tournament the previous beach season. However, we will ONLY select teams based upon what our IMUA coaches feel who will best represent IMUA’S finest athletes on the beach!

Are you interested in advancing your mental game, physical skills, and overall volleyball I.Q.?  Team IMUA Volleyball will help you with taking your game to another level!

The goal of our beach program is to provide a safe and productive environment that enables volleyball athletes to learn and apply the principles of teamwork, discipline, dedication, and sportsmanship. We facilitate the development of strength and character in every player that participates.

IMUA Beach Volleyball Club offers and excellent avenue in preparing volleyball players for their upcoming indoor fall season.

A study was conducted, during the indoor, and sand volleyball competitions, at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.  Two key findings emerged:

·  Indoor players (non-setters) touched the ball, on average, 17 times during the course of

   one set.

·  Beach/sand players  touched the ball, on average, 44 times during the course of one set.

The difference of weight and size of the outdoor volleyball combined with the elements of Mother Nature with wind and sun will significantly challenge you to improve your ball control. This difference of 2.5 times more touches (for the sand player) serves as an indicator that ball control mastery, on the beach, is achieved at a quicker pace.  It is why playing doubles during the off-season is the single best activity to improve your all around game.

Beach volleyball requires a very different skill level and challenges your fast twitch muscle fibers. A beach athlete will have to be able to move a lot faster, jump and be strong enough to power a spike from the middle of your side of the court.  It truly is a sport that requires a very astute level of agility and speed.  Our Imua athletes will understand the benefits of beach volleyball training which will aid with the overall volleyball development for the indoor game.

The benefits of training on the beach will improve your overall strength, speed, endurance and agility, which will aid participants in any sport they choose to pursue.

All of our Team IMUA athletes who participated with our summer beach team have shown tremendously improvements both mentally and physically!


Our practices will focus on the fundamentals of volleyball, with emphasis on basic skills like passing, serving, setting and hitting.  Coaches will enforce proper footwork and technique that will set the foundation for a skilled beach volleyball player.  We will incorporate drills, conditioning, jump training as well as fun, competitive simulated tournament matches.

2018 Summer Beach Club Season at a Glance:

Our Imua Beach Club will be providing (2) beach junior programs this summer.  We will be offering an IMUA Beach Elite and IMUA Beach Club program.  Please click on the Press Release for both programs for detailed information.

Imua Beach Elite Club: Tryouts are scheduled for Tuesday May 22 and 24, 2018 @ 5-8 pm.

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TENTATIVE IMUA Beach Elite practice and tournament schedule [+]

Please call Jason Companion at (831) 238-2362 or Coach Garrett for more information at (831) 251-1363.

IMUA Beach Camp: Projected start date is June 26 through July 26, 2018.

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TENTATIVE IMUA Beach Camp practice schedule [+]

Practice Location- Monterey Beach Park Sand Courts, Monterey (North End Sand Courts #3 and #4)

861 Del Monte Avenue, Monterey

Email Coach Jason at for details.


Download 2018 IMUA Beach Club Registration Form and Waiver [+]
Complete registration and waiver form and mail payment with check or money order to reserve  your spot at:

IMUA Volleyball Club
Attn: Jason Companion
266-F Reservation Road, #505
Marina, CA 93933

IMUA Beach Camp: Total payment due before the first day of practice on Tuesday, June 26, 2018.

VERY IMPORTANT REGISTRATION INFORMATION: IMUA Beach Camp tuition will ONLY include training/ practices and registration for the 2018 Monterey Beach open tournament.  It will be each team's responsibility to register for all other NCVA and CBVA junior beach events in Santa Cruz.  Don't miss the opportunity, so it is important that you register now at the website links below!

Carioca Beach Volleyball Tour:

Precision Sand Volleyball Tournaments:

California Beach Volleyball Association:
Monterey and Santa Cruz tournaments are filling up quickly:

CBVA website link:

Northern California Beach:
NCVA website link:


IMUA Beach Volleyball Camp Team Member Fee:
Current indoor 2018 IMUA Volleyball Club Member = $600
Non IMUA Volleyball Club Member = $700

IMUA Beach Camp Tuition:

2018 IMUA Beach Camp Tuition (5% Convenience Fee Added)
Select your Team Imua T-shirt Size
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Submit Club Fee Option(s): Team IMUA Volleyball Club accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal payments.
(Please be aware that a 5% "Convenience fee" is automatically applied to each monthly club fee

* Mandatory Imua Beach Club tuition due before June 26, 2018.  You will not start unless your payment is submitted. Please call Jason Companion at (831) 238-2362 or email at for details.

IMUA Beach Elite Tuition:

Current Indoor 2018 IMUA Volleyball Club Member = $800
Non IMUA Volleyball Club Member = $900

2018 IMUA Beach Elite Tuition
How many years of beach experience?
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Submit Club Fee Option(s): Team IMUA Volleyball Club accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal payments.
(Please be aware that a 5% "Convenience fee" is automatically applied to each monthly club fee

Team IMUA will be responsible in registering IMUA Elite teams in all scheduled tournaments once deposits are submitted to IMUA.

If you have any questions you can email Jason Companion

You get the best of the best in all aspects for beach volleyball both training and tournament play!

2018 Summer Team IMUA Beach Coaches
(All of our IMUA Beach Coaches are current beach players and have been competing for numerous years.  Beach experience and knowledge is essential to this sport and cannot be replaced).

Coach Garret Wilson
Team IMUA Beach Head Coach. Standing at 6'8", Coach Garrett is highly recognized as the best up and coming beach player in California. Coach Garrett is one of the top open players in Central and Northern California.

Coach Roy
Team IMUA Beach Assistant Coach.


Coach Jason Companion                                                  

Team IMUA Beach Head Coach
Over 20 years of beach and grass competition

Coach Veronica Companion                                                  

Team IMUA Beach Head Coach
Current beach player


Coach Stan Phillips                                                               

Team IMUA Beach Head Coach                            
USA Volleyball Beach - Coaching Accreditation Certified