Strength and Condition partnership
with Alpha Project

Alpha Project

Integrative Sport Science

We at IMUA are always proud to provide and recommend the very best for our athletes. Recently we have developed a relationship with an athletic training company called the Alpha Project that provides excellent methodology, technology, and interpersonal motivation to develop the complete athlete. We believe that the Alpha Project and the leadership there will assist our IMUA athletes in achieving his/her goals of rising to higher and higher levels of competition.  Alpha will work closely with Imua to create a comprehensive athletic development model for ultimate success!

Imua Volleyball Club is excited with our new partnership with The Alpha Project in Monterey. We wanted to offer a jump start with strength and conditioning before our upcoming 2016 club season.  I understand that everyone is currently in their junior high school and high school season but some of our athletes have requested additional training.  Their sport specific training is similar to what an athlete will receive in college.

The Alpha Project has offered to train all IMUA Athletes and Coaches at a 20% discounted rate for the high school season. If playing volleyball at the next level is your athlete's goal; participating in this program assists the athletes to not only develop speed, strength, and agility in volleyball, but it also helps to train the athlete how to balance athletics, school and sport specific fitness training that all colleges incorporate into any volleyball program.  Take some time to visit the Alpha Project website at and see what they have to offer your athlete to better prepare him/her for club, high school, beach, and college.  For this High School Season the Alpha Project is offering a 2 month package with 2-3 sessions per week. Classes are 4-5pm, 5-6pm, and 6-7pm every Monday, Wednesday, Friday for $260 per month totaling $520.  Alpha is willing to create at 7-8pm class if there are 3-5 athletes interested for that time slot.  Basically, there are 26 total sessions over 2 months that amounts to $20 per session.  Our interest in partnering with the Alpha Project is to not only help our athletes achieve a jump start for club season, but to also keep our athletes healthy and conditioned for competition!

Do not hesitate to contact Stephanie Cater - Alpha Project for further questions.  Her contact number is 831-970-5257.